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NO POHŌ bottle buy back

Return your (rinsed/clean) NO POHO bottles to The Locavore Store and get $.50 off your next purchase (no limit)!

NO POHO label-01.png

NO POHŌ sticker affixed to eligible bottles

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Coconut Water, PNG_Small-01.png

Multi-use Glass

Maybe you've noticed the new bottle design that our in-house drinks are packaged in. They're oddly reminiscent of old-style milk bottles. But more importantly, they are refillable!

Now offering a $.50 discount on your next purchase for every eligible NO POHŌ bottle returned to The Locavore Store.

(Broken, chipped, or cracked bottles are not eligible for discount.)

Even though we cannot offer a discount for your chipped and cracked bottles, they can still be returned to The Locavore Store.

Those Plastic Lids Though

Please return with the original lid. While the plastic lids are not reusable, they are useful! These #4 plastic caps will be collected for Kauai Precious Plastic and upcycled into other great products!

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