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in-store:  EGGS

Each week we receive eggs from several local farms.  All of the eggs we offer are from pastured, well-fed, free-roaming chickens and ducks.  The birds have access to grassy yards and pastures, full of bugs and greens, as well as sunshine, fresh water, and our breezy trade winds.  Their food is often supplemented with fruits, veggies, and greens from the farms where they're raised.



Eggs are a seasonal product.  Spring and Summer months offer the longest days and greatest egg availability.  Fall and Winter days are much shorter and eggs are more scarce.  During these cooler and shorter days, most chickens go through a molting season, during which they lose old feathers and grow new ones.  This molting process takes a lot of extra energy and nutrients, so the birds usually lack the extra resources needed to produce eggs.  During this time, eggs availability can be very limited.

chicken eggs


  • FEED:  Forage, Compost & Certified Organic Non-GMO Prjoect Verified Layer Mix

  • SIZE:  Medium - X Large

  • COLOR:  White, Brown & Blue


KEA'AU-RAISED (Golden Egg Acres)

  • FEED:  No Commercial Feed, Forage, Compost

  • SIZE:  Large

  • COLOR:  White, Brown & Blue


NINOLE-RAISED (Kaia'akea Country Farm)

  • FEED:  Forage, Compost, Flax seed and Standard Layer Mix

  • SIZE:  Large

  • COLOR:  White, Brown & Blue


ORCHIDLAND-RAISED (Carroll Guava Ranch)

  • FEED: Forage, Compost & Standard Layer Mix

  • SIZE: Large

  • COLOR: Dark Brown, Brown, Green & Blue


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duck eggs
denser, richer and larger than chicken eggs; their greater viscosity is prized by bakers and pasta makers

KEA'AU-RAISED (Golden Egg Acres) - 1/2 dozen

Fed certified-organic duck feed, compost and forage.


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