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Fresh:  Meats

All of our meats come from family-owned farms and ranches, here on Hawai'i Island.  These farms and ranches maintain pastured flocks and herds and do not use antibiotics or growth hormones.  The animals are free-range, on ample pasture, and grass-fed from birth to slaughter.  They are raised, finished and harvested here, on Hawai'i Island.  At no point are they shipped off for finishing or processing.


Grass-fed meat and poultry are typically lower in fat (and calories) than meat from animals raised on high-grain diets.  Grass-fed meats also contain more Omega-3s, Vitamins E & C, and beta-carotene, on average, than grain-fed.


We are proud to share the bounty of these hard-working families and grateful to our local slaughterhouses and butchers who allow us to keep every step of the process right here, close to home.

Beef selection provided by Hawai`i Beef Producers, of Pa`auilo.

Fresh chickens and poultry offerings from Punachicks Farm, in Kea`au.

Lamb provided by Pu`u Mele Manu Ranch, in Volcano, and Aloha Spirits Farm, in Kea`au.

  M-F  9AM - 6PM



Kupuna Hour Daily

Mon-Sat  9a-10a

Sun 10a-11a

P:  (808) 965-2372

E: info@bigislandlocavorestore.com

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