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Cacao & Chocolate

From harvesting to tempering, all of the cacao products we offer are grown and made here, on Hawai'i island.

Cacao beans are the anti-oxidant rich seed of the cacao, or cocoa, tree. The beans are harvested from within the football-shaped fruit and then undergo a fermentation process, before being dried. These beans can then be further processed into things like cacao nibs, powder or the familiar chocolate bar. Processing cacao is truly an art and takes finely honed skills to get the chocolate products many are familiar with.

Cacao is said to have many health benefits, including its antioxidant activity and short-term benefits to cholesterol levels. It's stimulating effect comes from theobromine, an alkaloid also found in the cola nut, tea, and guarana. Its cardiovascular benefits come from its flavonoid anti-oxidants, which are reduced when cacao is heated. Similarly, darker chocolate is lower in saturated fats and therefore retains more beneficial properties than milk chocolates.

Our cacao products come in many shapes and sizes, from whole beans and aged extract to single-origin chocolate bars from 3 of our Big Island districts, so you can enjoy the many facets of this amazing superfood!

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