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Flour, Oil & Extract

Thanks to the industriousness of our local farms, we are able to offer one of the most essential elements for baking and cooking - flour and oil. All of our flours are gluten-free, as they are all made from local fruits and vegetables, instead of grains. Each one has its own unique set of characteristics, like texture, flavor and nutritional profile. Our oils are made from Big Island-grown macadamia nuts and coconuts. Each of these oils is processed on-island, using cold-process methods and the best quality materials, to bring you the freshest, purest oils.

Our extracts are made from Big Island-grown vanilla and cacao. The vanilla beans are cacao pods are harvested at peak ripeness, before being processed and extracted in organic alcohol. Each extract is allowed to age before being bottled, to ensure the richest, truest flavor of vanilla and chocolate.


Our extracts are alcohol-based and cannot be shipped via our usual courier, USPS. To order any of our extracts, please contact us directly and we will provide you with the most economical shipping method based on your order and location. You can read the details of our extracts here, but they are marked as "out of stock" and are unavailable for purchase via our online store. We are happy to ship these products to you, just send your order by phone, email or via any contact form on our website.

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