8 oz | Hamakua, HI | Medium Roast *Certified organic* 100% Hamakua coffee, grown and roasted by Hamakua Cloud Forest Coffee. This smooth, rich coffee is shade-grown under a canoy of native Ko'a trees, resulting in a slower ripening process and more nuanced flavor development. Located on the slopes of Mauna Kea, the farm's forest of native Ko'a promotes healthy soil and is part of the family farms efforts to enrich habitat for native species.

Coffee, Organic Hamakua Cloud Forest - Medium


M-F  9AM - 6PM



Kupuna Hour Daily

Mon-Sat  9a-10a

Sun 10a-11a


HILO, HI  96720

P:  (808) 965-2372

E: info@bigislandlocavorestore.com

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