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Moringa/Matcha Powder (2 oz)

Moringa/Matcha Powder (2 oz)


2 oz | Kona, HI


This combination of finely ground moringa and matcha is nutrient-packed and energy-boosting. Adding a scoop to your morning smoothie or making an afternoon moringa/matcha latte is an easy way to increase your intake of important vitamins and antioxidants.


Matcha is a strong form of green tea that has been used for centuries for it's calming, yet energizing effects. It also delivers impressive health benefits, including: Increased metabolism Antioxidants Anti-inflammatory effects Reduced risk of heart disease.


The nutritional and medicinal uses of moringa are also extensive...

10x the Vit A of carrots

25x the iron of spinach

17x the calcium of milk

15x the potassium of bananas

9x the protein of yogurt

1.5x the Vit C of oranges


Moringa is rich in antioxidants quercetin and cholorogenic acid and has been shown to effectively lower cholesterol.