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Pono Pies, Mango

Pono Pies, Mango


1 pie - 5 oz

Dairy-Free, Gluten-free, No processed sugars


Delicious Ulu-based desserts. Made with a macadamia nut, coconut, and honey crust and a filling of ripe ʻulu, macadamia nuts, honey, and almond milk.


Ingredients -  Mango Filling: Maui-grown Breadfruit, Mango, Maui Honey, Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts, Almonds, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, and Sea Salt.  Crust:  Dried Coconut, Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts, Almonds, Maui Honey, and Sea Salt


Contains tree nuts.


Compostable packaging

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