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Sea Salt, Moloka'i Kiawe Smoked

Sea Salt, Moloka'i Kiawe Smoked


4 oz | Honolulu, HI

Our best-selling, flavored deep sea harvested salt. Made by smoking the salt with Moloka'i-grown kiawe wood. The Kiawe is a type of Mesquite tree that was brought to Hawai'i in the 1800's, who's hardwood is favored for it's superb flavor when used for smoking.

Excellent for dry rubs or soup bases, whether your meal is vegetarian or meat-based, this salt adds the perfect smoky flavor and depth to complete the taste you're looking for.


Glass Bottle with Cork Closure

By: Sea Salts of Hawai'i

Ingredients: Moloka'i sea salt, cold smoked with Moloka'i kiawe wood