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HILO, HI  96720

40g | Kauai, HI

A blend of solar-dried, finely powdered herbs, fruits and roots.  Kau'i-grown using sustainable practices, this Superfood Tea Powder contains 15 unique ingredients specifically formuatled to target the GI tract, responsible for 90% of your immune system.  Mild enough for daily use and effective enough for deep internal cleansing, using your body's natural abilities to detox and heal.


By:  Naikela Botanicals

Serving size:  1/2 teaspoon (30 servings in each container)

Ingredients:  Papaya Leaf, Soursop Leaf, Turmeric, Tulsi, Ice Cream Bean Leaf, Citrus Peel, Tropical Almond Leaf, Sugar Apple Leaf, Coriander, Calendula, Marigold, Daisy, Dandilion, Stevia, Yellow Dock, Kefir Lime

Superfood Tea Powder | Kauai Cleanse