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Syrup, Lilikoi - 750 mL

Syrup, Lilikoi - 750 mL


With a balanced flavor of sweet and tangy, this Big Island Lilikoi Syrup from Hamakua Coast Premium is perfect for beverages, sauces, baking other culinary creations.


Lilikoi, also known as passion fruit, is a vine fruit grown in Hawai`i. Passiflora edulis forma flavicarpa is the scientific name for the yellow Passion Fruit. It’s a round fruit with a waxy hard skin, protecting small black seeds in orange sacs full of tangy aromatic juice.


TIPS: Refrigerate. Use within 90 days of opening. Separation may occur. Shake well before use.


Ingredients:  Lilikoi (Passion Fruit), Sugar, Water, Pectic

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