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Tea Towel, Cotton "Paʻimalau" (Cultivate Hawaii)

Tea Towel, Cotton "Paʻimalau" (Cultivate Hawaii)


​These all-natural flour-sack cotton towels are soft, absorbent, and infuse tropical flair to any kitchen or house.


All of our tea towels are made with high-quality flour sack cotton and printed with water-based inks.


Additionally, these towels are washed and pre-shrunk prior to shipping, allowing the size and shade of each tea towel to vary slightly, and making each towel unique.

Each towel comes folded and banded, including a story relating to the art, per below:


“Drifting into Hawaiian waters when the trade winds are strong, Pa`imalau or Portuguese man o’ war is nobody’s favorite sea creature but their elegant beauty is undeniable. Often mistaken for a jellyfish, Pa`imalau  is actually a symbiotic colony of individual animals called zooids, all working together to nab a bite to eat!  Like any successful colony each individual has its specialty- some zooids keep the colony afloat and sailing on course while others are experts in stinging, reproduction and feeding”


Full size: (w) 18” x (h) 31”

Folded size: (w) 4.5” x (h) 9”

Printed on natural flour sack cotton towels.

Designed and made in Hawaii.

Each towel comes individually folded and banded.