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Big Island Coffee Roasters, Kona Moon Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee (7 Oz.)

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7 Oz. | Kona | Dark Roast

For dark coffee lovers, our dark roast 100% Kona coffee - Kona Moon - comes from the same farm as our best-selling Kona Bloom and Kona Peaberry. These smooth, balanced, and sweet Kona coffee beans are unflavored and have real tasting notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut, graham cracker, and cookies.

Compared with our other dark Hawaiian coffees, Kona Moon is a bit more chocolatey and smooth, while Ka'u Darkwood is spicier and Hamakua Stout Heart Dark [Sold out] has a fuller mouthfeel.

After Kona Moon is milled, it undergoes three additional steps that elevate the quality and meets our expectations: optical sorting, grading, and storing in Grain-pro bags.

? Grading separates the Kona coffee into different sizes and removes some defects.
? Optical sorting removes discolored and damaged beans.
? Grain-pro storage protects the delicate coffee from Hawaii's humid environment.

Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, hazelnut, graham cracker cookies; smooth and balanced
Origin: Kona coffee, Big Island

In addition to harvesting only ripe, red Kona coffee cherry, these three steps separate exceptional specialty-grade Kona coffee from commodity-grade Kona coffee beans.

By Big Island Coffee Roasters
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