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Hakalau Chocolate, Macadamia Nut 80% Dark Chocolate Bar (1.9 Oz.)

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1.9 Oz. | Dark | Hakalau

Tree-to-Bar Chocolate

Hakalau Chocolate is as pure as it gets! We discovered a delicious way to make bold, dark chocolate without processed sugar - we just use two ingredients - our cacao, and local honey (patent-pending). That's it - no added cocoa butter, no lecithin, no refined sugar!

Our cacao trees grow intermingled with other fruit trees throughout the farm. We never use herbicides or commercial fertilizers on them, only nutrient-dense compost made on the farm and mulch from surrounding support trees.

Every step of Hakalau Chocolate-making is done by hand, in small batches. We pick the pods when ripe (or buy them from nearby organic farmers who do the same), and then ferment, dry, crack, roast, and conch in our stone grinder. The only ingredient that goes in the grinder is cacao nibs. Then when we make bars, we stir in local honey, and finally add either our roasted cacao nibs for a little crunch, or local organic roasted macadamia nuts with a sprinkle of salt. OMG this chocolate is so good!

Our honey comes from one of several friends who are natural beekeepers on the east side of Big Island. They do not use miticides, so there is no pesticide residue in the honey. They also (like us) are scrupulous about avoiding contact with plastics unless the plastic is BPA-free. Our farm has several hives and some of the honey in the bars is from right here on Kulike Farm. The bees forage in surrounding eucalyptus forests as well as all the fruit trees and flowers on the property (oranges, lemons, avocados, basil, bee balm etc.).

Our macadamia nuts come from Hawaii Local Buzz, in the South Point area of Big Island. These are the best nuts we have tasted on the island - incredibly sweet-tasting and fresh, and dehydrated to preserve that flavor. We roast the nuts before adding to the chocolate for that extra delicious taste and crunch.

The beautiful package design artist is Eve Furchgott, who lives right in Wailea, just next-door to Hakalau (one ahupua'a over).

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