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Rebels' Roost, Soap Bar - Pineapple Papaya Goat Milk Soap (4 Oz.)

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One of our most popular varieties, this bar balances crisp green rainforest with fresh floral gardenia. 4oz bars.

Our soaps are made using fresh and raw goat milk from our happy, healthy herd. Our goats spend their days browsing the pastures at our Hawai’i farm, providing us with an abundance of fresh milk each day. Goat milk is loaded with vitamins (A, D, E, K), minerals, and lactic acid. The resulting soap cleans so gently – hydrating and nourishing with a rich, creamy lather and rinsing away clean and smooth.

All-natural soaps tend toward the softer side, as they don’t contain any of the synthetic hardening agents you might find in other commercial soaps. We’ve developed a soap recipe with ingredients to increase the hardness of our soap bars, and you can also help your bars last longer by allowing them to drain and air-dry between uses.

Soap base ingredients: Fresh goat milk, saponified oils and butters (coconut, sunflower, olive, cocoa, castor bean, avocado) and beeswax.

Additional ingredients: fragrance oil, mineral colorant (mica, titanium dioxide, tin dioxide, iron oxide)

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