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Banana, Namwa (1 Lb.)

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$1.99/lb. | Appx 3-4 fruits per pound

Namwa bananas are one of the most popular varieties we carry all year. The Namwa is a much denser fruit with a milder, more vanilla flavor, and lacks the tart quality of the Apple banana. Its sweetness is understated but the flavor is more pronounced due to the lack of pungent aroma fund in some other varieties, like the common Williams. This is frequently the new favorite variety of folks trying it for the first time.

Unlike less-dense varieties, you want to wait until the Namwa is completely ripe and yellow, with no green left on the stem. The denser nature of this fruit means it ripens more slowly and can be astringent and starchy if not allowed to ripen properly. This slows the ripening process and also develops more subtle flavors, making it a mild but delicious treat, totally unique from most other dessert (non-cooking) bananas.

- Grown using organic practices
- Delivery days: varies

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