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Journal, Hawaiian Honeycreepers (Laulima)

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The Hawaiian Honeycreeper Journal is here for all your nature-inspired musings. Use it for sketching, journaling, or taking notes about your favorite native birds. The journal's 5"x7" size and soft matte cover make it easy to tag along on all your adventures (or keep it at home as your go-to desk journal). 56 blank pages of ivory, 75gsm paper.

Perfect for gifting, work, organization, or creative endeavors.

The Hawaiian honeycreeper story

Several million years ago, honeycreepers diverged to fill a variety of ecological niches, a process called adaptive radiation. Some species adapted to feed on nectar, while others adapted to feed on insects or seeds. This led to extraordinary diversity that is unmatched in any other group of birds. Sadly, about 70% of honeycreeper species have gone extinct, largely due to habitat loss and invasive species. To save the remaining honeycreepers, we must spread awareness and collectively support conservation efforts.

Artwork by honeycreeper conservationist H. Douglas Pratt

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