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Lamb, Bone-in Stew Meat (1 Lb.)

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Appx 1-pound packages of grass-fed, bone-in stew meat from Kona.

Stew meat is cubed pieces from various cuts and, while loaded with flavor, can be pretty tough, hence being called "stew" meat, as it needs a good, slow cook. As with any tougher cut, you can add your choice of an acidic marinade (like balsamic vinegar, diced tomatoes, or lemon juice) to speed up the time it takes to tenderize.

"Stew" is a pretty broad term beyond just meat and potatoes and carrots. Many countries eat lamb and mutton (mature sheep meat) more often than those in the US, and they all have unique, delicious specialties and flavor profiles that compliment the rich flavors of lamb. So think internationally when looking for good recipe ideas, like Indian, Moroccan, Italian, and Persian cuisine.

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