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Pure Kona Sea Salt Pouch - Resealable (6 Oz.)

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6 Oz. | Kona, HI

Medium-grind deep-sea harvested Hawaiian sea salt from off the Kona coast, in a gusseted pouch. Most sea salts are created from surface waters which have significantly lower mineral content and can have higher amounts of microplastics and contaminants. This salt water is drawn from 2,200 feet below the ocean's surface off Hawai'i Island, making it one of the highest quality finishing salts in the world.

Deep Ocean Water is rich with minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, zinc, and iodine. The dark waters at these depths have less photosynthesis which allows the abundant nutrients to remain. The Deep Ocean Water is pumped up from the depths, through a 1 micron filter, and into enclosed solar-evaporation beds. The salt is hand-cured and harvested during the 8-10 week salt-making process. Drying this salt with Kona's year-round sunshine saves energy and preserves the natural minerals and unique taste.

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