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Spice, Vanilla Beans - Large (2 ct.)

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2 beans | Puna, HI

Grown using organic practices

Two, whole vanilla beans, grown using organic and sustainable practices in Kapoho. Hand-pollinated and allowed to cure for a year before being sent to us to share with you.

Immensely aromatic and potent with flavor. A single bean contains millions of tiny seeds, each packed with the compounds responsible for imparting the intoxicating smell and taste of pure vanilla. The curing process is largely responsible for the development of these compounds, known as vanillin. Well-aged beans will often develop pure vanillin crystals during the curing process, adding to their potency and desirability.

With many uses, ranging from fresh to extracted, every part of the bean can be used. A whole bean can be cut into small pieces and soaked in good-quality drinking alcohol for up to several months to make your own vanilla extract. Once extracted, the pieces can be strained off and simmered in sauces and broths to conintue imparting their wonderful flavorful. The bean can be opened length-wise and the fruit/seeds can be scraped out in very small quantities and added to baked goods, ice cream, sauces and more - whatever needs more vanilla in your life! Keep the outside of the bean once the inside has been used, and put it honey, or a jar of sugar, to infuse it with flavor, or snip off sections of it to brew with your tea.

Whatever you do, enjoy.

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