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Tea Towel, Cultivate Hawaii - I'iwi

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Product Details

These all-natural flour-sack cotton towels are soft, absorbent, and infuse tropical flair to any kitchen or house.

All of our tea towels are made with high-quality flour sack cotton and printed with water-based inks. Additionally, all towels are washed and pre-shrunk prior to shipping, allowing the size and shade of each tea towel to vary slightly, and making each towel unique.

Each towel comes folded and banded, including a story relating to the art, per below: For eons, the many islands of the great Pacific Ocean existed without human contact, inhabited only by the plants and animals tenacious enough to reach them. Around 2000 years ago, this same tenacity allowed Polynesians in voyaging canoes to venture out into

A jewel of the forest, I’iwi, Drepanis coccinia, is Hawaii’s most iconic honeycreeper. One of 50 species of birds that evolved from a single colonizer millions of years ago, I'iwi formerly occurred from mauka to makai on all of the large islands in the chain. Over the ages I’iwi developed its beautifully curved beak to sip nectar from Hawaii’s unique native flowers such as Opelu, Lobellia hypoleuca. This very special bird is in need of your support as it is drastically declining due to habitat loss and the ravages of mosquito-born avian malaria.

Full size: (w) 17 x (h) 36”
Folded size: (w) 5” x (h) 9”
Printed on natural flour sack cotton towels.
Designed and made in Hawaii.
Each towel comes individually folded and banded.

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