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Staff Picks

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Mushrooms, Mermaid Mushrooms - Lion's Mane (8 Oz.)


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Hawaii Tart Company, Chicken Pot Pie - Brie & Mushroom


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Hamakua Toffee Company, Macadamia Nut Toffee "Toppings" (4 Oz.)


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Cathee's Kitchen, Salsa Verde (16 Oz.)


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Bone to be Wild - Beef Bone Broth (32 Oz.)


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Recipe of the Month

August 2022

Coffee-Crusted Filet Mignon with Macadamia Romesco

Impress your friends with this gorgeous dish while keeping it surprisingly uncomplicated in the kitchen. If you prefer your meals sans-meat, stick aro...

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Vendor Spotlight

August 2022

ʻĀhualoa Family Farms

Over 150 years ago, the first macadamia nut trees were planted in the Hawaiian Islands, in Kukuihaele, just outside Honoka'a Town. Today, these first ...

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Tips and Tricks

Blend the buggah

Sneaky Veg: Kalo

This goes for kalo or poi, but we just got into adding both to our fruit smoothies, and it's been a game-changer. The smoothies are more filling, keep...

Live Well Eat Local

Although Hawai'i imports up to 90% of food, buying local has never been easier (or more important!). At The Locavore Store, locally sourced is our first priority, and if it's not local, you won't find it here.