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Aloe Vera (2 Lb.)

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$3.39/lb. | Hilo

Aloe is best known for its moisturizing and soothing properties for sunburned and irritated skin and as an excellent hair conditioner/moisturizer. It is also an edible plant, just be sure to avoid the yellow latex just inside the skin as this has a terrible taste and is NOT safe to ingest. So make sure to rinse off the cut pieces of gel after cutting the skin off.

Some folks enjoy adding a spoonful of the aloe gel into juices and smoothies as a digestive aid and for soothing gastrointestinal irritations much in the same way it soothes external irritations. Best to start with small doses as aloe is also known to be a very effective laxative.

- Grown using organic practices
- Delivery days: varies

By: The Mukai Family

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