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Hoʻōla Honey, 'Awa Honey (6 oz.)

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6 oz. | Raw | Kohala, HI

ʻAwa, also known as Kava, is a canoe plant brought to Hawaiʻi with the first Polynesian settlers. Most often ʻawa roots are mixed with water as a traditional drink, which is used medicinally, in ceremony, and for relaxation.

Raw Hoʻōla honey is creamed with Hawaiian grown ʻawa and ʻōlena (turmeric) for a smooth and soothing honey to help with pain relief, stress, and anxiety.

Consume half a teaspoon or mix in warm water to make a tea at bedtime.

Mild mouth numbness may occur with the consumption of any ʻawa product. Stir well before enjoying!

By: Hoʻōla Honey

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