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Spinach, Baby (7 Oz.)

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Young, tender spinach leaves packed in 7 oz paper bags. Grown in raised beds, using organic practices, at the McCall Farm in Volcano.

It?s spinach! You know what to do. Right? Just in case, hee?s some ideas...

Chop up and throw on a frozen pizza to dress it up a bit (and you know, add some nutrition)... Grab a few bags and make palak panner (personal fave) - the Indian dish with spinach sauce and paneer cheese.... Throw into your pasta just before it finishes boiling for a quick green addition... Stir into your scrambled eggs and add a bit of tomato and feta cheese... Try your hand a spinach-artichoke dip! That?s all we got for now, you can figure it out from here.
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